Dream Splatter

Aug 01

I had a dream last night I was actually driving around Saginaw and Detroit with my sister. 

I wasn’t doing too aweful, but we were trying to find my grandparent’s house on the GPS— which was apparently in some snowish area not too far from the area we were at. The next day we were supposed to travel with Grandma to Florida. 

We ended up getting too far off track and had to stop to hide. In doing such, I killed a goat? We were trying to keep away from zombies or people with guns. I’m pretty sure this was a Skyrim influenced dream. 

I crawled into a shed with my sister, and there were other kids in there. We ended up hiding when their mother came in, but we pretended we were a part of the sleep over, I guess. Me and sis were kids too at that point, for some reason.

The dream was pretty scrambled, and I’m sure most of it had to do with getting lost, running, and hiding. 

May 16

I had hot sex dreams all night

i dont even 

May 05

The Trick to Life

[I had a dream] I was watching a movie with my dad

[2:14:22 PM] _wild west: but then me and a bunch of people were in this movie

[2:14:46 PM] _wild west: and it was called ‘a trick to living’ or something like that

[2:15:00 PM] _wild west: and it was about a murder investigation

[2:15:47 PM] _wild west: were we all went to this house and inspected a colapsable trailer— someone was all sliced up, strung up, and folded up inside of it

[2:16:03 PM] _wild west: —i have the hiccups really bad now ugh U:l

[2:16:08 PM] _wild west: anyway

[2:16:29 PM] noelle: (tries to burp you)

[2:16:44 PM] _wild west: as part of the investigation team we check it out

[2:16:47 PM] _wild west: and then go in the house

[2:17:06 PM] _wild west: and this truck drives by— and we have so many people in the house

[2:17:28 PM] _wild west: and there’s dogs in the other room— like vicious ones

[2:17:54 PM] _wild west: and for some reason we can’t go outside— like I dunno if the door was locked or something— dream logic

[2:18:11 PM | Edited 2:18:16 PM] _wild west: anyway these dogs start breaking through the door down in the back enterance

[2:18:54 PM] _wild west: There’s two of them— pretty big. One’s missing a nose even, and is pretty old, and the younger one looked like a pretty big size rotweiler.

[2:19:36 PM] _wild west: The old door ends up sliding off, but I end up holding the dogs off by stradling them, and holding their heads or something— mum is helping me with them

[2:19:59 PM] _wild west: and somehow I end up getting them to calm down and not be vicious, and I pet them and stuff and everything is chill

[2:20:47 PM] _wild west: There are suddenly tons of dogs in the house, and I’m like”how did these all get in here” and some random guy said that they were just here, or followed us into the house from the investigation

[2:21:16 PM | Edited 2:21:25 PM] _wild west: So I get up and walk to the back enterance, and there’s a new door— like it’s all on it’s hinges and locked tight

[2:22:11 PM] _wild west: and I turn around and ask ‘who put up the door and locked it?’ — because it was good to have the door up and locked, because it was like we were trying to keep someone out of the house

[2:22:49 PM] _wild west: and no one knew who did it

[2:22:59 PM] _wild west: So we start walking up the stairs

[2:23:12 PM] _wild west: and I notice all of the doors are shut and locked now— they weren’t before

[2:23:30 PM] _wild west: and there’s keys hanging out of them

[2:23:44 PM] _wild west: and I start back downstairs

[2:24:02 PM] _wild west: and it dawns on me— I just run back up and start grabbing keys from the doors

[2:24:26 PM] _wild west: some of the keys were missing as I started back, and I noticed, so I turned around and grabbed what I could

[2:25:34 PM] _wild west: The doors and stuff to the outside were locked and no one could get out— it was like it became a game to the murderer |D you had to hide in the rooms  n a time limit and hope he wouldn’t find you or have some sort of key in

[2:26:02 PM] noelle: oh gracious

[2:26:10 PM] _wild west: and this house…was not that big— I mean it had an upstairs, and a downstairs and a bunch of rooms — but we had tons of people.

[2:26:17 PM] _wild west: Men, women, and children

[2:26:50 PM] _wild west: Then a part happened that seems completely unrelated and unrealistic to the dream, like it was losing focus, soI’m not going to explain it until after

[2:27:42 PM] _wild west: anyway, I’m sitting on the couch down in the living room, by the front door, and it’s dark now. I put all my keys on the table

[2:28:23 PM] _wild west: and then went to grab them and started spilling them on the floor along with these plastic retangles

[2:28:53 PM] _wild west: I pick up the keys quickly and run back upstairs, because the time limit for the ‘game’ started

[2:29:11 PM] _wild west: and I’m looking for a place to hide

[2:29:59 PM] _wild west: and I don’t know where to go— and my mum comes and says that I should stay with Markie, because she’s going to be lonely without anyone else in her room

[2:30:20 PM] _wild west: and she leads me there, and markie’s just sitting on the lower bunk

[2:30:33 PM] _wild west: and mum offers me to stay in her and mike’s room to hide too

[2:31:14 PM] _wild west: and I take that— because I looked at my keys and i didn’t have ‘darlah’ but I had ‘molly’. The rooms were named like that, and the keys had the names enscribed.

[2:31:46 PM] _wild west: SO I didnt stay with poor markie, for the fact i wasn’t sure if the killer could get in or not.

[2:31:59 PM] _wild west: which is kind of mean, because she’s a little girl

[2:32:33 PM] _wild west: there were tons of little girls in this dream too. There was some sort of room that was called ‘catty’ or something, and 4 of them ran to hide in it earlier T8

[2:33:13 PM] _wild west: anyway, I follow mum to the room they chose— and both of them are just sitting on the bed in the light talking

[2:33:38 PM] _wild west: because they feel safe in the room or whatever— like the guy can’t come in— because for one, I have the key

[2:34:27 PM | Edited 2:34:33 PM] _wild west: I still don’t feel safe about it, so I crawl under the bed and wrap trash around me (well, blankets and crumpled plastic) so I can’t be seen. I’m wearing a lot of robe material, so it looks like blankets too

[2:35:14 PM] _wild west: That was literally the only place to hide— expect for a shady looking closet with a HUGE dresser in front of it

[2:35:44 PM] _wild west: the dresser had really large drawers— like they were meant for hiding, but it would be obvious if anyone hid in them— like to look

[2:36:11 PM] _wild west: It was insanely tall too. Like doctor suess proportons or something.

[2:36:51 PM] _wild west: anyway, I’m shifting around under the bed to grab things to hide me more, and i see that the bedroom door is open a creak

[2:37:05 PM] _wild west: which is like


[2:37:48 PM] noelle: ash stop havng scary dreams

[2:38:04 PM] _wild west: so I reach out from under the bed (there’s literally a foot of space between the door and the bed. I wasn’t kidding when there was no other places to hide in here)

[2:38:54 PM] _wild west: and just barely touch the door to shut it— and it forces open— like as reaction to me closing it. Meaning the guy was in the hall watching the door creak closed a bit

[2:39:15 PM] _wild west: so a million thoughts basically race through my head like

[2:39:22 PM] _wild west: holy fuck i just killed my parents

[2:39:28 PM] _wild west: what if i survive down here

[2:39:33 PM] _wild west: i just killed my parents

[2:39:47 PM] _wild west: and I wake myself up because I get so overwhelmed about it

[2:40:55 PM] noelle: oh baby chan no

[2:41:44 PM] _wild west: …The earlier bit of dream everything changed to pixels and homestuck characters, and everyone was saying that WV was going to win. Everyone ran off, I picked the basement and got eaten by a snake protecting one of the other players. It was all in mini pixel form though, and as like a rediculous game. I respawned on the couch and everything turned real again.

[2:43:04 PM] noelle: the can mayor

[2:43:09 PM] _wild west: yes

[2:43:22 PM] _wild west: it was a FAR different

[2:43:25 PM] _wild west: atmosphere

[2:43:27 PM] _wild west: when it changed

[2:43:31 PM] _wild west: but no it changed back

[2:43:32 PM] _wild west: so

[2:43:38 PM] _wild west: I dont even conclude it part of the dream

[2:43:42 PM] _wild west: it’s like it’s own thing

Apr 16


[12:45:51 AM] _8hz Theta: I had more ghost dreams last night o: was a part in a dream with a 18th century french themed masquerade.

[12:48:51 AM] _8hz Theta: The dream started out that I was walking somewhere…really fuddled dreaming. Road crossing, snow slush, and all that. Was some sort of connection from the first dream I had that night, I’m sure.

[12:49:23 AM] _8hz Theta: It all comes together and I’m in meijer’s parking lot, and there’s this skinny homeless man.

[12:49:42 AM] _8hz Theta: I gave him money— and he either took, or I asked him to hold on to, my scarf.

[12:50:09 AM] _8hz Theta: He ended up walking off with it while I became disoriented in the store.

[12:51:17 AM | Edited 12:51:30 AM] _8hz Theta: I asked a cart pusher who was coming in, and asked him if he’d seen the man or not, and he said he had. He pointed in the direction, and I set off after him. I found the homelessman and asked for my scarf, but he claimed he sold it to the man ahead of him.

[12:53:15 AM] _8hz Theta: I pushed the homelessman away, and confronted the man he sold it to and told him that he homelessman had stolen it. The man told me I had to buy it from him none the less. Slightly irritated, I grabbed the scarf away from him, well knowing there was a police officer watching.

[12:54:17 AM] _8hz Theta: The police officer then starts a messy form of tug of war with me, grabs the scarf and runs into the store as I take off after him. We end up doing more ‘tug-of-war’ in the store over the damn thing.

[12:54:53 AM] _8hz Theta: I push him off it, and he hits the floor. As he gets up, his clothes change to that of a meijer worker’s.

[12:55:53 AM] _8hz Theta: It turns out he’s a volunteer in their store. Pretty cheery guy, but a lil bit annoying for my tastes. Not really that good looking.

[12:56:48 AM] _8hz Theta: So, because I’m a bit pissed off at him for fighting with me, I just start beating on him. He runs off into the store, and I keep finding him and kicking/punching the guy.

[12:57:39 AM] _8hz Theta: I can’t find him anymore, so I begin to look around the store for things, like cheese, and some of the big carts full of nuts and coffee beans (that they don’t have anymore)

[12:59:29 AM] _8hz Theta: I putz around a bit, and later find out that my step mother is holding a masquerade party in the back of a store. In that area, there was a huge ballroom type dealio, with this staircase, and trapeze thing.

[1:00:24 AM] _8hz Theta: Turns out I’m not invited, but i really don’t give two shits. I decide that I’m going to check it out anyway, and that I really don’t like dances to begin with.

[1:00:56 AM] _8hz Theta: So I go there, and see a lot of the people around, and dressed up. It’s pretty nice and all.

[1:02:41 AM] _8hz Theta: I walk up the stair case thing, and over to the otherside, and the party starts going more. Me step mum comes out and holds some big showing, and makes a speech. She throws out a few prizes to the audience. One of them was a bottle of wine she’d opened and tossed out into the crowd— it was in my direction, and I’d caught it, but I after one drink I gave it away to the people around me, because to me, it didn’t feel right to take since I hadn’t purchased a ticket to come.

[1:03:46 AM] _8hz Theta: More goes on, and then the guy who was the meijer’s volunteer comes out and does tricks on the trapeze thing to really gay music. Like, the lyrics are literally gay.

[1:03:54 AM] _8hz Theta: and I’m like “oh not surprised”

[1:04:07 AM] _8hz Theta: i wave to him despite beating on him all day.

[1:05:02 AM] _8hz Theta: My step mum sees me, and we get into some sort of bullshittery argument, and she tells me, word for word “I think you need to leave.”

So I get pissy and walk straight into the hall and into this dark living quarter area.

[1:05:43 AM] _8hz Theta: It’s just a ring of rooms…very ‘rule of rose’ look, or like a old cliche hearty hunting room look.

[1:05:56 AM] _8hz Theta: with the chairs and fire places and lamps. Everything brown and red tones

[1:06:49 AM] _8hz Theta: Just not super tall, but not small either.

[1:07:16 AM] _8hz Theta: And they’re all connected…Possibly in an 8 shape of 7 rooms, I think.

[1:07:50 AM] _8hz Theta: All of them are dark, nothing lit. So I go around them and begin lighting up the lamps

[1:08:29 AM] _8hz Theta: I reach a full circle and come to dark rooms again, and keep lighting the next couple rooms before I realized I’d done it before.

[1:09:07 AM] _8hz Theta: I go once more around, and they go out again before I come back to see. I try to turn them on again, but this time all the bulbs are burned out.

[1:09:54 AM] _8hz Theta: Just had a really erie feel to it. Like ghostly sinking feeling.

[1:11:09 AM] _8hz Theta: Then I had a dream I was talking to Ricci about gender stuff while writing up a post about it on tumblr, then I had a dream I went downstairs and mum had bought me a 3DS.

Apr 14

Old Dream

[11:45:02 PM] _the unconditional: once I had a dream I was in an autoparts store

[11:45:39 PM] _the unconditional: and it was filled with green hills that had turned into river banks, because the store over flooded— the river swelled up too much

[11:46:12 PM] _the unconditional: and on the banks and in the river—- tons of empty safes just floating, or stuck into the hills with the doors on their hinges

[11:46:32 PM] _the unconditional: and fishing poles stuck up everywhere too. In the water, or stuck in the banks like toothpicks

[11:46:54 PM] _the unconditional: People hanging around too, trying to get through the flood on boats 0: or getting carried off

[11:22:59 PM] _the unconditional: I had some really weird dreams last night. «

[11:23:16 PM] _the unconditional: One was that I lived in this oppressive country

[11:23:27 PM] _the unconditional: and the leader died— and I think it was his wife but

[11:23:44 PM] _the unconditional: she ordered the gaurds to force everyone to come pay their respects at his funeral.

[11:24:06 PM] _the unconditional: and anyone who didn’t come, was subject to execution

[11:24:56 PM] _the unconditional: So every young woman had to dress up in what looked like Indian style clothing— very vail-ish and lacy.

[11:25:26 PM] _the unconditional: and for some reason the scenery at the funeral was a cross between Delta’s art wing and KH’s version of Agraba

[11:26:42 PM] _the unconditional: Me and the other women had to line up, and run to the leader’s wife and get our hair brushed once, and then leave

[11:27:10 PM] _the unconditional: to the left of us, were soldiers marching up— they looked more samurai style, but all black

[11:27:39 PM] _the unconditional: But yeah, It was odd, that dream.

[11:28:16 PM] _the unconditional: Another dream I had was about walking into sociology class, except it was in a different room, and I walked in on a video about unusual style over time.

[11:29:02 PM] _the unconditional: For some reason I was topless, and had to cover myself with my arms, but being a dream it felt like a totally normal day, and that was the usual.

[11:29:58 PM] _the unconditional: I walked down the rows to my desk, and they were all pushed together in a line so I couldn’t pass easily

[11:30:08 PM] _the unconditional: the entire wall to the right of me was the movie

[11:30:48 PM] _the unconditional: The room was pretty crowded, and it had that ‘anime con’ memory feel to it— if that makes sense

[11:31:03 PM] _the unconditional: my memories have certain feelings. I’m not sure if its the same for everyone else or not.

[11:31:48 PM] _the unconditional: Feelings that are a bit more than an emotional sense, but they still are— it’s just odd.

[11:31:52 PM] _the unconditional: Any wayyy

[11:32:04 PM] _the unconditional: I dont think I remember the other dreams of that night.

[11:32:47 PM] _the unconditional: Funny thing though, most people have dreams about forgetting clothes and they’re really embarassed. I just feel normal and comfortable when it happens in my dreams though, so I’m not sure the symbology.

Mar 05

one of last nights’ dreams; un-elaborated

[3:48:38 PM] _George Oscar Bluth II: I had some wicked dreams last night.

[3:48:53 PM] _George Oscar Bluth II: listing some of the imagery/symbols so I can remember it better

[3:49:46 PM] _George Oscar Bluth II: One part, I was in this huge castle area— and there were these people with me, but they died, or either were dead— so I piled their bodies between some seating— looked like pews I guess— so I could hide from the enemy amongst them o:

[3:50:47 PM] _George Oscar Bluth II: Then I went and got some weapons together, and when the raid started, the bad guys were just commin U8 and I was fightin em! Then a couple more people showed up. A guy and a woman— and we formed a team.

[3:51:00 PM] _George Oscar Bluth II: they walked in and i was like “FRIEND”

[3:51:52 PM] _George Oscar Bluth II: It was this kinda older lookin dude— maybe 40ish, with dark black/brown hair and a goatee thing goin on

[3:52:12 PM] _George Oscar Bluth II: and then there was this other girl too. Dont remember her too much. She had longish hair

[3:53:09 PM] _George Oscar Bluth II: area looked kinda big stone castley o: or churchish.

Dream notes:

May write the dream out later. Listing some strong symbols and imagery so I can remember it later yet.

snow, ice, boats

baycity art show


nintendo store 

roses/lotus, box, water, minecraft

knives/butterknives, video game, hiding, dice, raiders, stabbing

FRIEND, defense, fighting, ducking, windows, church 

show/store,….justin beiber? T8|

Feb 21

Snakes and Slugs

[8:31:16 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: I had a dream last night; several, but i only remember this particular one vividly.

[8:36:21 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: I owned a pet snake. Beautiful little creature— orange and yellows— bright colors, yes.

[8:36:47 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: and I played with it a lot, then all of a sudden looked away for just a second

[8:36:58 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: and my cat, ellie, had bit it in the head

[8:37:08 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: and it died, or seemed to.

[8:37:11 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: Wouldn’t move

[8:37:19 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: I cried and cried over it

[8:37:29 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: and then I noticed there was a slit in the side of the snake.

[8:37:48 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: It was filled with these parasitic slugs

[8:38:11 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: and apparently my snake was still alive, but I had to remove the slugs

[8:38:15 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: to heal him up

[8:38:26 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: so I did so, with tweezers. It was quite gross.

[8:38:40 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: The snake still didn’t move much after that. It did a little bit.

[8:39:01 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: And then I went to this place, I think…Sad about my pet being all sick and unhealthy.

[8:39:33 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: Someone was with me, too. With some sort of pet— and then someone else appeared, and said something— like let them be free, or suffer no longer— something

[8:39:48 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: and they changed the pets into two humans in front of us.

[8:39:53 PM] _Noelle’s Doctor: and that was the dream

Feb 04

I dream a lot in one damn night.

I fell asleep last night while watching My Little Pony on my laptop. 

During my sleep, I had a terrible nightmare. For the life of me, I can’t remember it. 

I only remember waking up, and not turning the light off before falling asleep again, because I had felt it was that bad. Usually nightmares don’t bother me at all. I have had only one other that has done that to me.


Maybe it will come back to me later. 

Afterward, I had dreams that seemed WWII oriented, or I had magical powers. A lot of them I don’t really remember. I’ll just list a few of the dream segments I do remember. 

I went lucid for one of my earlier dreams, and I had someone in mind I wanted to invite. I was walking around a house, and trying to think of the person, and make them appear. The only problem was that my dream mind was a little soupy, and I couldn’t remember whom I wanted to invite. Thus, I had some problems. 

I had a dream I was at Mike’s house, but it was much bigger and had a lot more windows than it normally has. It was also made out of dark wood like a cabin. Well, actually, it was a completely different house. I was walking around, and decided I needed a shower. I had taken all of my clothes off in a place I thought was okay, and I walked to the bathroom. The bathroom was not vacant though, so I had to wait around naked, trying to hide from people who were coming around. I kept trying to cover my boobs, but for some reason they kept falling out of my arms? I so I just would try to press up against a wall or something, so they couldn’t see my body. Sometimes I would find myself accidentally pressing up against a window with people outside though. Eventually, I forgot about the shower and had to pee. I went into the bathroom, but the toilet was missing, and there was a hole in the wall. I decided to go downstairs— and by this time, my missing clothes had become something that was just…well, I didn’t think about clothes. I either had some, or didn’t, but my mind didn’t highlight the fact. I probably had clothes now, but it wasn’t a focus— anyway, I go downstairs to find a bathroom, and the toilet is also ripped out as  well as an entire wall. Somehow I slipped, and fell outside into the rain through the hole in the ground. The land was entirely swamp— it looked like something out of a left4dead campaign. The room I fell out of, seemed to turn into it’s own rundown shack— but I had to get back to it. One problem though, I was bare foot, and there were worms, and old rusty nails sticking out of boards in the dark murky, swampy water. I moved around, trying my best to avoid the nails, because I didn’t want to go to the hospital for a tetanus shot. I try swimming over everything so my feet don’t make contact, but I end up trying to use my hands to propel myself some and get worried about catching my hands on nails. I begin swimming, and all of a sudden I get caught in a current. It drags me down into the street, and into ditches— that sadly, have like…backed up sewage and shit in them. Which is really, really, fucking disgusting. There was also a lot of soap suds too, and I try my best to avoid the dirty parts of the water as I’m being carried along the front of people’s lawns, screaming for help. It felt as if I was being pushed through a current of sewage and carwash runoff. I get pushed across the road, and I get really worried about being hit by a car— because those suckers are coming really really fast as I cross. Finally, I end up at the front of this hotelish like place— pretty swanky looking— but it gets better. At the entrance, there are lots of MLP characters just hanging out there. 

The next dream I had, takes place in the same fictional house in the previous dream that my mind generated. But this time, It had been defined as ‘school’ in my mind. Although it looks exactly (or almost) as the place that was defined as ‘Mike’s house’ in the previous dream. In this dream, I was in art class, and I had tons of stuff that I had stored there. I had a space to myself, and It had come time that everyone had to take things home. It turned out I had a lot more stuff than anyone else, and there was no way I could take it all home. Bottom line, it made me look like a hoarder in comparison to other people. In addition, it was class time, and I felt the top of my head and realized I had been wearing a stack of hats all day. I forgot to take them off when I was carrying them. I felt embarrassed for wearing so many. 

Next dream segment, I was laying on a couch that was on my porch, and my neighbor who lived across the street, asked me if I needed help bringing it into the house. I said, no, but I appreciated the offer. For some reason he had a thick southern accent. 

I had more related to the previous dream segment, that offered hints about WWII and going into the basement for some reason. I can’t remember the details exactly. It’s one of the foggier dreams. 

Another, I was driving on a dirt road— with fields and trees/woods around me, and old buildings— like maybe a water tower, or a barn— I have been in this setting before in a dream or two, but I don’t remember ever seeing anything exactly like it in real life. Took a few turns and ended up to this fenced area, with a sign. Got out, and stepped in. The setting changed from then on, and I was walking in a newer area. I walk past the fence, and there are a couple rows of soldiers who are saluting me. I salute back and keep walking. It gets about a dark sunset look, and I enter in the camp through these open gates. The place is filled with a few scattered shipping crates— like the big ones that go on ships, that look more like a metal trailer than anything. I’m looking around, and the soldiers are gone. Only one person else seems to be there. I’m walking through the grass, when all of a sudden eggman apears, and that other guy and I have to fight him. I end up fighting him using magic spells— bouncing them back and forth between us. I can feel the energy in my hands— it was pretty cool, actually. I also would make a gun shape with my hand, and I could shoot at him with this red energy burst thing— sorta like the spirit gun on yu yu hakusho. 

After recalling all of these dreams, I begin to remember small segments of my first dream— the scarier one. 

I remember falling while being in that mode of falling asleep, I had been hearing voices, and breathing in my ears. I wasn’t awake— but you know how it is when you begin falling asleep, you hear things, or begin to see dream imagery. Well, I was just getting auditory sensations, I guess. It goes into dream mode— but the dream I’m still having a lot of trouble remembering— but I do remember I was being followed, or stalked, by some sort of big black demon-like thing. It was quite nerve wracking that I think about it, and it would have probably been better if I hadn’t recalled any of this dream. 

I remember another segment of dreams, relating to this, where I’m in a very pinkish, reddish, and white room— very round, with a round bed. I remember beautiful trees, and petals. Everything was all pretty swanky in my opinion. Very rich and plush. Then all of a sudden, everything begins to rock, and sway. A huge blackness- like storm- disrupts everything outside. The room shakes, and the trees lose all their petals— just everything flying everywhere. It was in relation to the previous dream, I feel. 

If I recall anymore dreams, I will probably post them. This is all the detail I can remember for now.