Dream Splatter
dream notes:

-indoor rivers 

-chests, safes, cabinets

-fishing poles

-people: 2, possibly three. 

-windows, land


maybe ill write something up on this tomorrow

The small, pretty fish you catch are fleeting, insignificant memories of the day, cast aside or destroyed to maintain your waking reality.

I’m not sure I make the connection. Thank you for the contribution though…!

Reoccurring Interpretations: Ideas anyone?

I have tons of dreams about fishing. I always have had them for a long time now— for years— so it’s a very prominent reoccuring symbol. Last night I had a few dreams about fishing…

Usually they take place at my old houses, but the back yard is flooded, with a lake or something. I’ve had other dreams where it’s maybe a hotel, but in the courtyard area in the center— like a square and all….I’ve also had some dreams where it’s at a normal dock. 

Usually I never get anything in time before I wake up, but there’s tons of big fish but I can see them under water. THAT, or I catch something, and it’s not something I want— like a small, cute, or pretty fish that I want to throw back— one that no one would keep anyway. Usually something bad happens to that fish though— like someone comes along and takes it to kill it, they rip it apart, it gets caught on the hook wrong, or basically dies. When fishing, I’m ALWAYS alone, unless there’s some random, older guy, who takes/kills what I catch. The dreams usually entail a sort of neutral leaning on negative feeling to them. Nothing stressful though. 

As a reoccurring symbol, rather than a reoccurring dream, the dream details are always slightly different, but the outline is usually the same, as explained above. 

Most dream interpretations say that fishing is representative of bringing repressed emotions to the surface.

Dreammoods.com says, “To dream that you are fishing indicates that you are confronting and bringing your repressed emotions to the surface. In particular, to dream that you are ice fishing suggests that you are breaking through a hardened emotional barrier and confronting difficult feelings from your unconscious. Alternatively, it represents your need for leisure and relaxation.”

Now, I understand that some dream symbols are different for different people depending on what they mean to the person dreaming them. 

A little background: To me, fishing is— well, really fun. It’s one of those activities I get super excited about. It’s just really relaxing, like a big surprise, and I enjoy it. The problem is, I never get to go. My parents have never been really into that. My dad likes to boat, but he’s never been into fishing, hunting, or any of those sorta sports. My mother rarely takes me anywhere, and I don’t drive, so I never get the chance. My grandfather enjoys it, but he’s never really taken me except for once. My grandparents also spend a lot of time out of state. It’s something I really would like to do more often, and would do a lot if I had the chance, but I never get to. 

Now, keeping all of these things in mind, based on what the symbol means to me literally, and what dreammoods thinks it means metaphorically (in general), I’m trying to think of some way to interpret these dreams’ reoccurring symbol/outline. I’ve just been having trouble making a clear connection. 

So if anyone out there— any of my followers, friends, interpreters, ect— have any ideas, give it a shot! I’d love to hear some ideas if possible (if anyone even reads these…).

Mo’ fishin’

[3:06:04 AM] spashi: I had a dream last night

[3:06:11 AM] spashi: that I ws finally able to go fishing

[3:06:21 AM] spashi: and I caught a fish— but the hook I was using

[3:06:56 AM] spashi: was so big that it went all the way though the fish it caught—- like in the mouth, through the body, and out the belly

[3:07:05 AM] spashi: and I was so sad

[3:07:10 AM] spashi: and the guy who was there

[3:07:14 AM] spashi: was helping me with it

[3:07:15 AM] spashi: and he like

[3:07:25 AM] spashi: pulled the poor thing apart

[3:07:26 AM] Fus bRo Dah: 8c

[3:08:00 AM] spashi: he ripped the bottom of it, and like, all the guts came out

[3:08:21 AM] spashi: and then he pulled the eyes out and put it on the hook so I could catch something bigger

Pirates. Gordon Freeman. Shin-Chan. WHORES. Hussie is a cat. Oh my dreams how I love you.

[5:30:05 PM] spashi: shall i tell you my dream that one day though?

[5:31:42 PM] noelle: sure go ahead

[5:32:02 PM] spashi: Okay so

[5:32:05 PM] spashi: I WAS A MAN

[5:32:25 PM] spashi: A kinda muscular man but the nice kinda muscular

[5:32:37 PM] noelle: this is good

[5:32:42 PM] spashi: and i had another man with me— who was like, darker hair— it was either brown or black NO HOMO

[5:32:53 PM] spashi: anyways

[5:33:00 PM] spashi: WE WERE PIRATES or something

[5:33:13 PM] spashi: and we sailed all around the world in these ships— and just

[5:33:21 PM] spashi: the visuals  were so beautiful

[5:33:32 PM] spashi: and the towns and stuff we went to JUST SO BEAUTIFUL MAN

[5:33:36 PM] spashi: well anyway

[5:33:45 PM] noelle: it was me

[5:33:47 PM] noelle: as a pirate man

[5:33:51 PM] spashi: we went to this one building that we took a ship to— LOL

[5:33:55 PM] noelle: it was our sims

[5:34:11 PM] spashi: cuban + hipster GO

[5:34:16 PM] spashi: BUT NO ANYWAY

[5:34:26 PM] spashi: we sto— UPDATE

[5:34:49 PM] noelle: ping ping ping ping

[5:34:52 PM] spashi: dats one bouncin ball

[5:34:56 PM] spashi: anyway

[5:35:17 PM] spashi: we stop at this building and get out— and it’s like

[5:35:26 PM] spashi: this really richy folky place

[5:35:42 PM] spashi: and its supposed to be like some sorta— brb i have to pee

[5:38:16 PM] spashi: okay back— anyway it was some sorta cosplay thing

[5:38:42 PM] spashi: and the guy i was with turned into some sorta douche baggy cosplayer— like he was just REALLY REALLY GOOD AT IT but all snobby like

[5:38:57 PM] spashi: and he had all of these expensive Gordon Freeman suits

[5:39:31 PM] spashi: and we were by this line up of guys wearing like, shoddy styrofoam, an theres him all dressed up

[5:39:34 PM] spashi: and looking like

[5:39:36 PM] spashi: great

[5:39:45 PM] spashi: and he has me put on one of the suits too

[5:39:49 PM] spashi: and then he gives me like

[5:39:52 PM] spashi: TONS OF THEM

[5:40:09 PM] spashi: and everyones ignorin him because they think hes a show off

[5:40:33 PM] spashi: well he packs up his suitcase closet thing fulla gordon freeman costumes

[5:40:41 PM] spashi: and we go down these red carpeted stairs

[5:40:53 PM] spashi: out to the entrance— which is this clear water flooded like

[5:41:04 PM] spashi: building made out of dry wall and iron rods and such

[5:41:35 PM] spashi: like no ceiling, a stairway, half a second floor— just CHUNKS majorly missing

[5:42:21 PM] spashi: you can see the ocean outside and all like that through the holes— maybe I’ll draw it later— but it was where we came in

[5:43:22 PM] spashi: but anyway at that point my friend is back to himself, not a douche bag cosplayer, and im sudddenly Shin-Chan for god knows why

[5:43:39 PM | Edited 5:43:41 PM] spashi: like im all cartoony and my friend isnt so much

[5:44:25 PM] spashi: anyway, were walkin out when all of a sudden this DRAGON THING just like comes right outta the way we came out of the mansion thing— and just starts crawling around and going after me

[5:44:53 PM] spashi: and I’m runnin around trying to dodge and avoid this thing, and my buddy’s tryin to help me fight it

[5:45:05 PM] spashi: anyhow, we manage defeating it and it dispears

[5:45:38 PM] spashi: and the owner of the mansion comes out, and meets me on the outside drywall stairs— its covered in gray carpeting

[5:45:49 PM] spashi: well, i spread my coins out i have on the carpet bit

[5:46:00 PM] spashi: and hes all ‘well lets see’ and he takes a good chunk of them

[5:46:34 PM] spashi: — oh this is after he’s all ’ oh we’re so grateful yadda yadda reward you blah blah’; then he takes my coins

[5:46:48 PM] spashi: and he has one of those plastic crates full of coins

[5:47:18 PM] spashi: and he gives me back more silver coins in return— and they’re all like, perfect coin shapes, real minal designing and such

[5:47:35 PM] spashi: and then he looks, things about it more, then gives me some bigger ones

[5:47:46 PM] spashi: like, 8 big ones

[5:48:15 PM | Edited 5:48:19 PM] spashi: about as wide as my fist, but not as thick

[5:48:32 PM] spashi: anyway, me and my friend decide to leave

[5:48:43 PM] spashi: Im the man i was when the dream started

[5:49:13 PM] spashi: like, were both pirates again, and the sun is setting

[5:49:29 PM] spashi: and im like ‘well whens the ship gunna pick us up’ but thinking it because i didnt say it

[5:49:49 PM] spashi: but we weren;t taking a ship back to town

[5:49:58 PM] spashi: we climbed up on this plat form

[5:50:37 PM] spashi: and all of s sudden we were like, walking on this huge vine like…uh… idunno. I guess they were ‘swing’ shaped— but they were really organic and wobbly

[5:50:51 PM] spashi: and they just like, went wayyyy up into the sky

[5:51:04 PM] spashi: like suspended from father than you can see

[5:51:56 PM] spashi: and we’re walking on them— and im being so careful not to fall—- its like that time of day where its just between the end of sunset and the beginning of night— where its all purple and pink all outside

[5:52:23 PM] spashi: and i just see my partner ahead of me, and this big city in front of us

[5:52:35 PM] spashi: and ships— just around

[5:52:55 PM] spashi: then all of a sudden this huge ship just— bursts out of the clouds thats just…MASSIVE

[5:53:07 PM] spashi: but it was an atmospheric thing— like just

[5:53:13 PM] spashi: setting the scene

[5:53:18 PM] spashi: it wasnt even important

[5:53:38 PM] spashi: just something really really pretty, and just… I dunno the word. Amazing I guess.

[5:54:10 PM] spashi: and we take these vine swing things down to the city—- I think we just jump down and manage to be okay

[5:54:17 PM] spashi: and we get to this open air part

[5:54:39 PM] spashi: well, its like a stand

[5:54:57 PM | Edited 5:55:00 PM] spashi: but open to the air— its hard to explain, because it was also kinda like a room

[5:55:10 PM] spashi: Anyway, these two whores were laying in there

[5:55:26 PM] spashi: and my buddy is just like OH HOHO CHECK OUT THE WHORES TIME

[5:55:32 PM] spashi: and he goes and joins them

[5:55:59 PM] spashi: but they were actually just back massaging whores

[5:56:02 PM] noelle: it was me

[5:56:04 PM] spashi: yes

[5:56:06 PM] spashi: probably

[5:56:37 PM] spashi: anyway i just like ‘well whatever ill join him for the back massaging whores’

[5:56:54 PM] spashi: and like the one starts rubbing my back and im like

[5:56:59 PM] spashi: geez this

[5:57:03 PM] spashi: just really sucks

[5:57:18 PM] spashi: Like I could feel it

[5:57:39 PM] spashi: it was like…the worst backrub ever. I havent even had one that back irl.

[5:57:57 PM] spashi: It just. I stopped her and was like NO THIS IS HOW YOU DO A BACKRUB

[5:58:28 PM] noelle: lol okay

[5:58:30 PM] spashi: and gave her one and she pretty much thought I did the best in the entire world, so I let her try again, but she still sucked

[5:58:33 PM] spashi: so i got up and left

[5:59:04 PM] spashi: and found this place— it was all like….I have no idea how to explain other than drawing it

[5:59:16 PM] spashi: it was like a building but open air

[5:59:23 PM] spashi: like it was a baseball field shape

[5:59:27 PM] spashi: but like

[5:59:28 PM] spashi: computers

[5:59:33 PM] spashi: school computers

[5:59:42 PM] spashi: Its really hard to explain

[5:59:47 PM] spashi: anyway, i go to a mac

[5:59:51 PM] spashi: and start drawing

[6:00:03 PM] spashi: because i figure i gotta give the whores some way to contact us

[6:00:17 PM] spashi: and for some reason nothing is working right with the tablet

[6:00:27 PM] spashi: and the thing Im drawing turns into

[6:00:32 PM] spashi: — i shit you not—-

[6:00:49 PM] spashi: like this kinda epileptic crayon drawing cat

[6:00:50 PM] spashi: wait for it

[6:00:59 PM] spashi: with hussie’s head on it’s body

[6:01:12 PM] spashi: and its just all

[6:01:15 PM] spashi: gif’in out

[6:01:32 PM] spashi: and im like

[6:01:34 PM] spashi: fuck this shit

[6:01:41 PM] spashi: and i try to delete stuff

[6:01:44 PM] spashi: but the computer is like

[6:01:49 PM] spashi: FREAKIN THE FUCK OUT

[6:01:54 PM] spashi: so i just leave

[6:01:58 PM] spashi: and go back to the whore place

[6:02:05 PM] spashi: and both of them are gone and so is my friend

[6:02:07 PM] spashi: and im like

[6:02:09 PM] spashi: well shit

[6:02:11 PM] spashi: where is everyone

[6:02:38 PM] spashi: and i look around for them and find nothing, and finally found they were just in the between area behind the lil whore hut

[6:02:49 PM] spashi: it was like a narrow alley way

[6:02:56 PM] spashi: well the guy like calls me over and explains

[6:03:02 PM] spashi: they are preparing for a play

[6:03:08 PM] spashi: because this alleyway

[6:03:15 PM] spashi: is the area to a backstage thing

[6:03:20 PM] spashi: and im just like

[6:03:32 PM] spashi: woah whores that do drama i cannot even handle this

[6:03:36 PM] spashi: and i think iwoke up

OH YEAH AND LATER I GAVE SUMMA MY COINAGE TO THE WHORES. but it was only a couple silver pieces and some pocket change. 

oh god my dreams

dodging so many bullets 

breaking forth wall 

protecting children with a machine gun

while running from a giant fat man 

who also has a machine gun

and a giant boomerang 

dodging more 

and not dying 

maybe I’ll elaborate on this later. 

I had a dream last night I was trying to save a goat.

I was laying on my back with someone, on a raft, in the ocean in the dark. It began to float into a river as the sky grew lighter, and filled with thousands of butterflies, and far off planes. Both of which, looked and moved like schools of fish, but registered into my mind as butterflies, as they were ‘swimming’ in the air. 

B6 and Chocolate.

Dreams about dying cats/kittens always bug me a bit….